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Let me tell you something about trading. Why using a strategy if there is none which works better? Why bother learning indicators or combining them when there is no perfect combination? How on earth can I improve my psychic abilities in order to analyze objectively my mind? Is there necessary to read Freud or Jung? Yes it might be, but not for trading purposes !!! Should I meditate 7 years in Tibet? Should I torture myself to death to be stronger? This is almost like killing yourself slowly over and over again only to realize that the next birth brings YOU back again!!! Astonishing, right?!  If there is only one Lance Armstrong in the world can I be the second one. Well, NO!!! You or me we’ll never be someone else other than YOU and ME. So what should I do? The answer is simple: NOTHING. As a matter of fact no matter how hard you will try, you still can’t do anything about that. It may sound both depressing and exhilarating also. Do nothing, or you will run from yourself so far away that you’ll have to pay people to send you back home. So THIS I TELL   YOU: Stay home, don’t go with strangers, don’t follow their routine. First of all you’ll never understand them and when you think you do, you already got it all wrong. May be it sounds crazy but be “ignorant” in the right way. Oh well you’ll say that I sound like everybody else and I’m taking you away in a philosophical manner. NO, I’m sure you got it but you don’t recognize it. And you know why? Because you need proof to believe. Yes, all your wandering is not for perfect strategy, it is not for be more enlightened… No, you look proofs in behavior of others to sustain that what you believe in is right. So, instead of working with yourself, you absorb advices from other people which seems to work great, but only for them.

So, if everyone has is own system why learning from others. Do you think you can copy them? Maybe, for a short period of time but after that you’ll switch idols like your underwear and you’ll never stop looking for something better, and you know what….? I’ll tell you my secret, yes I’ll tell you for free, I’ll tell you what no one is willing to say to you because they subconsciously want you to be a follower so they feel like “gurus” : the secret is that :…. there is no secret!!!!! I know you’re not happy, you thought is more complicated. And the sad part is that you will still go out from your “home” wandering around for different crossroads with strange people. The reality is that the only traders that are winners in the long run are the ones that return home. Stay home, eat, sleep, and enjoy your life. I know that after this you’ll probably hate me, and is good because this is the start for you to go back home. Hate and envy are good feelings to wake you up from the illusion you live in. Hate helps you to remember your birth place, your roots because you may think that I was blessed with luck or something out of the ordinary even from beginning and you will start comparing. So start digging until you’ll find what is keeping you away from home. Did you ever wonder why you must loose ALL in order to be a trader? There are different explanations but only one answer and bout that I will speak to you later.

Good Luck!


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