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George Carlin – Saving the Planet


Miscellaneous ~ How I lost $100,000 trading currencies

A reporter’s first-hand experience

Miscellaneous ~

The Misconception: You take randomness into account when determining cause and effect. The Truth: You tend to ignore random chance when the results seem meaningful or when you want a random event to have a meaningful cause.

Mindfields ~ Super Anti-Social People Do Really Good in the Stock Market

Some say that anti-social behavior is a bad thing…

Mindfields ~ How to Be Unremarkably Average

Thinking differently, questioning assumptions, and living a life of grateful adventure.

Mindfields ~ The Science of Success

Get Dirty and Lighten Up! People might like you more when you get a little dirty.

Mindfields ~ “Shutter Island”

… the movie is insanely good and will drive you insane just thinking about it…

Mindfields ~ Martingale Betting System

Professional Gambler Teachings

Psychology ~ …words about reseting your brain

The main question is called, the purpose. Let`s stick with the money example. You must want something, that you like, which can bring you money in the end. Just recollect the dusted memories. What were you doing as a child? What did you enjoy? What have you given up?

Trader ~ “We are made to refuse that something can be random”~ Nassim Taleb~PREMIUM STUFF!

“We are made to refuse that something can be random”~ Nassim Taleb…the link is a video of  59:26 minutes but is more interesting after  ’24.