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2010 May 6~Live Squawk Broadcast

May 06, 2010 CRASH – S&P PIT Live Squawk Broadcast –


Analysis: SEC Proposes Banning ‘Naked Access’

SEC Proposes Banning ‘Naked Access’

What Happened: High Frequency Terrorism ?

High Frequency Terrorism: How the Big Banks and Federal Reserve Maintained Their Death Grip Over the United States

Day Traders: Panic – 6 May 2010

Panic – 6 May 2010

Thursday May 6:The stock market’s insane drop explained

What happened to the market stopper mechanisms?

May 6, What Happened?:“We need to get all these fast-trading jokers out of here.”

Why the Robots must Die!

May 6 What Happened?: Technicals 5 Trading Errors That Shook the Markets

5 Trading Errors That Shook the Markets

May 6 What Happened?: Fat-Fingered Debacle

Your Big, Fat-Fingered Debacle

May 6 What Happened?:Where Was Goldman’s Supplementary Liquidity Provider Team ?

A Recap Of Goldman’s Program Trading Monopoly

May 6, What Happened: SEC Said to Outline Possible Causes of Stock Market’s Plunge

SEC Said to Outline Possible Causes….