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Strategies ~ Money is time in trading

Money is time in trading.

Strategies ~ NEW Candles Formation Trading

Petar Formation

Trader ~ Stop Loss

What is Stop Loss for me? Simple : “never let yourself get attached to anything that you cannot walk out on in thirty seconds if you feel the heat around the corner”  Heat (1995 film), replace thirty seconds with any amount that you choose to be your Stop Loss.

Strategies ~ What Do Traders Overlook?

E-mini Day Trading Strategies

Trader ~ Don’t be afraid to be a sheep . . .

Very successful traders generally have more losing trades than winning trades. It’s just that they don’t have any hang-ups about admitting they’re wrong, and have the ability to close out losing positions quickly. Program your mind to accept many small losses. Program your mind to “sit still” for a few large gains.

Strategies ~ How to Trade Trend Line Breakouts

Each person sees the market in a different way, has different skill sets, trading experience and risk tolerance levels.